Blast from the Past PyGrunners


Òscar Vilaplana – Advanced Pytest (keynote)
Patrick Vogel & Bogdan – Autom. monitoring & profiling Flask apps 
Auke Oosterhoff – Python charges your electric vehicle
Alessio Bogon – File system caching: a backend implementation for dogpile.cache
Gerard Lutterop – Scalable and secure Python REST backends
Miroslav Šedivý – A day has Only 24±1 hours
Do Kester – BayesicFitting. A Toolbox for Bayesian Model Fitting
Teake Nutma – Managing environments and deploys with conda
Rolf Berkenbosch – Python home automation and how to contribute to the community
Ruben Homs – Testing your infrastructure code
Cristian Marocico – Computer vision with Python
Rik Huijzer – Deep learning and natural language processing
Niek Hoekstra & Jean-Paul van Oosten – Lessons from using GraphQL in production

Daniël de Kok – Tensorflow in Rust with a little help from Python
Martin Roelfs – Symbolic Fitting using symfit
Find your art twin in the Rijksmuseum’s collection
Artur Barseghyan
Mark Boer – Embedding the Python interpreter
Daniël de Kok – FinalFusion: Rustic word embeddings for Python
Guus Klinkenberg – What was its type?
Marina Papadopoulou – Disentangling scientific fields with topic analysis in Python
Erik-Jan Blanksma – Data processing and visualisation of tractor data
Jovan Veljanoski – 1 Billion rows, 1 laptop. Serious data science
Thomas Derksen – The applications and implementation of Generative Adversarial Networks 
Peter C. Kroon – Python as a scientist’s playground
Reinout van Rees – Cookiecutter: handy project templates


Kees Hink – The tale of Oscar and the API
Marco Vellinga – Creating abstraction between consumer and datastore
German Gomez-Herrero – Polku: Serverless Stream Processing with Python
Laurens Bosscher – Advanced Django Admin
Jaap Bresser – Beyond Role Based Auth: Discretionary Access Control with Postgres & SQLAlchemy
Maarten Brugman – Docker do’s and don’ts
Cees van Wieringen – Django L10N
Kilian Evang – Viasock: Automagically Serverize Your Scripts
Artur Barseghyan & Job Ganzevoort – Django performance unchained

Berco Beute – All you need is less. Rethinking big data
Maarten Breddels – A billion stars in the Jupyter Notebook
Jonathan Barnoud – Looking at molecules using Python
Zakarias Nordfäldt-Laws – HitWizard – Predicting the future Hit Songs
Ede Meijer – Deep learning with TensorFlow
Òscar Vilaplana – Let’s make a GraphQL API in Python
Jos van Bakel – Functional Programming with Elm
Reinout van Rees – Querying Django models: fabulous & fast filtering
Joshua Peper – Find that 🍌 in 10 minutes using Machine Learing
Google – Machine Learning APIs for Python Developers


Lars de Ridder – MicroPython: The Pythonic Internet of Things (slides)
Andrii Mishkovskyi – Vacation from Python
Álex González – Python, Kubernetes and friends
Gijs Molenaar – Kliko – Compute Container specification and implementation (slides)
Oleg Pidsadnyi – Factory injection: Combining PyTest and Factoryboy
Emil Loer – Extending C programs with PyPy-powered code
Boaz Leskes – Elasticsearch for SQL users
Reinout van Rees – Improve your django admin: big gains with little effort
Bram Noordzij & Bob Voorneveld – Django Channels (slides)
Jelle Feringa – PythonOCC & industrial robotics for the building industry
Ben Meijering – Hello, Machine Learning! (slides)

Peter Odding & Bart Kroon – Understanding PyPy and using it in production
Hugo Buddelmeijer – The orientation of your DAGs matter!
Daan Vielen – How to survive your fellow team members and managers
Adam Powell & Denis Dallinga – Recommendation systems @ Catawiki
Dmitry Chaplinsky – Python superpowers on civic society’s secret service.
K Rain Leander – Build a Simple Cloud with TripleO Quickstart
Bart Wesselink – Processing large quantities of online payments
Jasper Spaans – From code to configuration… and back again
Theo Wouters – How to create an ideal development team
Martijn Faassen – Morepath under the hood (keynote)
Steven Pemberton – The future of programming (keynote)


Pieter Hintjens – ZeroMQ (Keynote)
Thomas Levine – Data acquisition with Vlermv database
Bob Voorneveld – Implement Gmail api in our CRM system
Jens de Smit – IPython and MongoDB as big data scratchpads
Laurence de Jong – Towards a web framework for distributed apps
Niels Hageman – Reliable distributed task scheduling
Saúl Ibarra Corretgé – Python, WebRTC and You
K Rain Leander – Leveraging Procedural Knowledge
Ot de Wiljes – Computational Neuroscience
Henk Doornbos – Contract languages based on Python
Herman Balsters – Python in: Processes, data, contracts

Dorian Hoxha – Creating a high performance server in Python
Berco Beute – Python in a decentralized future
Òscar Vilaplana – Orchestrating Python projects using CoreOS
Reinout van Rees – Regular people behaving like programmers
Ivor Bosloper – GIS in Python. Solutions and architecture trade-offs
Valentin Haenel – Blosc and friends
Emil Loer – Leveraging RPython For Efficient Real-Time Audio Processing
Erik Groeneveld – Generators
Lars de Ridder – Advanced REST API’s (slides)
Sylvain Viollon – Tornado and IO in Python 3
Panel – Web11


Jeff Knupp – Writing idiomatic Python (keynote)
Armin Ronacher – SSL, CAs and keeping your stuff safe
Kenneth Reitz – Documentation is King
Kilian Evang – Produce: Makefiles without the annoying bits
Pawel Lewicki – Sphinx + Robot Framework = documentation as result of functional testing
Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel – A first look at
Guido Kollerie – Slice & Dice: Data Analysis using Pandas
Erik Romijn – Keeping Django chained: top security concerns for Django websites
Valerio Basile – Bad habits in academic code
Gijs Molenaar – SQLAlchemy and astronomical data
Dmitrijs Milajevs – Python for data scientists

Oscar Vilaplana – Scaling your system
Panel – Dangers of centralization. Options and solutions
Saul Ibarra Corretge – asyncio internals
Avi Flax – The impedance mismatch of web microframeworks
Denis Bilenko – Gevent, threads & async frameworks
Berco Beute – Python friends: CoffeeScript & AngularJS
Job Ganzevoort & Douwe van der Meij – From zero to hero – Professional Django setup, deploy and maintain
Dirk Zittersteyn – Advanced continuous integration
Kenneth Reitz – Growing Open Source Seeds
Henk Doornbos – Processes, Data and the rest
Greg Kowal – Geoprocessing with python
Artur Barseghyan – Modern authentication in Python web applications


Holger Krekel – Re-inventing Python packaging & testing (keynote)
Daniël & Gideon de Kok – What Python can learn from Haskell
Luuk van der Velden – Best practices for the lone coder syndrome
Peter Odding – Reliable deployment of large Python applications
Oscar Vilaplana – Handling massive traffic with Python
Álex González – Python and Scala smoke the peace pipe
Berco Beute – REST API design
Armin Ronacher – A year with MongoDB
Oleg Pidsadnyi – Behaviour driven design with PyTest

Remco Wendt – Component architectures in Python
Mark Vletter – Lean prototyping
Emil Loer – Python raytracing
Douwe van der Meij – MVC revisited with Diazo
Jan-Jaap Driessen – Fan/theme
Gijs Molenaar – LOFAR <3 Python
Alessandro Molina – High Performance Web Applications with Python and TurboGears
Dmitrijs Milajevs – Real Time discussion retrieval from Twitter
Kenneth Reitz – Python for humans


Michael Bayer – SQLAlchemy (keynote)
Bram Noordzij – Amazon Web Services. The good, bad & ugly
Alexandros Kanterakis – PyPedia
Oleg Pidsadnyi – Large number of markers on Google Maps
Emil Loer – Musical Python
Douwe van der Meij – AOP in Python API design
Remco Wendt – Profiling
Miguel Araujo – Django Uni-forms
Henk Doornbos & Berco Beute – Chronic Pythonic

Ivor Bosloper – GeoDjango
Oscar Vilaplana – Tornado in depth
Laurence de Jong – Continuous integration
Alexander Solovyov – Go: Python + /theme typing?
Niels Hageman – Distributed job scheduling
Armin Ronacher – A fresh look at HTTP from Python
Reinout van Rees – Optimize & automate your Python life
Dan Tofan & Spyros Ioakeimidis – Python tools for making architectural decisions
Rick Oost – Generalized traversals


Armin Ronacher – The state of Python and the web (keynote)
Henk Doorbos – Making large, untested code bases testable
Reinout van Rees – Practical project automation
Jobert Abma – The ten commandments of Security
Berco Beute – Growing up Pythonically
Alexander Solovyov – hg and complex development processes
Òscar Vilaplana – ØMQ

Pieter Noordhuis – Redis in practice
Duco Dokter – NLTK: natural language processing with Python
Gideon de Kok & Tom de Vries – Mobile Architectures
Kim Chee Leong – Buildout
Emil Loer – Embeddng Python interpreter in Ruby and vice versa
Rix Groenboom – MijnOverheid: performance testing in practice


Ivan Sagalaev (keynote)
Ivan Metzlar
Erik Huisman & Aldert Greydanus
Michiel Prins & Jobert Abma
Tom de Vries & Gideon de Kok
Oscar Vilaplana


Oleg Pidsadnyi
Merijn Terheggen – Minimal Viable Products
Henk Doornbos – Python and hardware programming
Berco Beute – A Python’s Life?
Bart jan Wesselink – Advanced Payment Routing
Tim Bakker – Green Parking

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