Blast from the Past PyGrunners




Òscar VilaplanaAdvanced Pytest (keynote)
Patrick Vogel & BogdanAutom. monitoring & profiling Flask apps 
Auke OosterhoffPython charges your electric vehicle
Alessio Bogon – File system caching: a backend implementation for dogpile.cache
Gerard Lutterop – Scalable and secure Python REST backends
Miroslav ŠedivýA day has Only 24±1 hours
Do KesterBayesicFitting. A Toolbox for Bayesian Model Fitting
Teake Nutma – Managing environments and deploys with conda
Rolf BerkenboschPython home automation and how to contribute to the community
Ruben HomsTesting your infrastructure code
Cristian MarocicoComputer vision with Python
Rik Huijzer Deep learning and natural language processing
Niek Hoekstra & Jean-Paul van OostenLessons from using GraphQL in production




Dorian HoxhaCreating a high performance server in Python
Berco BeutePython in a decentralized future
Òscar VilaplanaOrchestrating Python projects using CoreOS
Reinout van ReesRegular people behaving like programmers
Ivor BosloperGIS in Python. Solutions and architecture trade-offs
Valentin Haenel – Blosc and friends
Emil LoerLeveraging RPython For Efficient Real-Time Audio Processing
Erik GroeneveldGenerators
Lars de Ridder – Advanced REST API’s (slides)
Sylvain ViollonTornado and IO in Python 3


Jeff Knupp – Writing idiomatic Python (keynote)
Armin Ronacher – SSL, CAs and keeping your stuff safe
Kenneth Reitz – Documentation is King
Kilian Evang – Produce: Makefiles without the annoying bits
Pawel Lewicki – Sphinx + Robot Framework = documentation as result of functional testing
Rodrigo Bernardo Pimentel – A first look at
Guido Kollerie – Slice & Dice: Data Analysis using Pandas
Erik Romijn – Keeping Django chained: top security concerns for Django websites
Valerio Basile – Bad habits in academic code
Gijs Molenaar – SQLAlchemy and astronomical data
Dmitrijs Milajevs – Python for data scientists

Oscar Vilaplana – Scaling your system
Panel – Dangers of centralization. Options and solutions
Saul Ibarra Corretge – asyncio internals
Avi Flax – The impedance mismatch of web microframeworks
Denis Bilenko – Gevent, threads & async frameworks
Berco Beute – Python friends: CoffeeScript & AngularJS
Job Ganzevoort & Douwe van der Meij – From zero to hero – Professional Django setup, deploy and maintain
Dirk Zittersteyn – Advanced continuous integration
Kenneth Reitz – Growing Open Source Seeds
Henk Doornbos – Processes, Data and the rest
Greg Kowal – Geoprocessing with python
Artur Barseghyan – Modern authentication in Python web applications


Holger Krekel – Re-inventing Python packaging & testing (keynote)
Daniël & Gideon de Kok – What Python can learn from Haskell
Luuk van der Velden – Best practices for the lone coder syndrome
Peter Odding – Reliable deployment of large Python applications
Oscar Vilaplana – Handling massive traffic with Python
Álex González – Python and Scala smoke the peace pipe
Berco Beute – REST API design
Armin Ronacher – A year with MongoDB
Oleg Pidsadnyi – Behaviour driven design with PyTest

Remco Wendt – Component architectures in Python
Mark Vletter – Lean prototyping
Emil Loer – Python raytracing
Douwe van der Meij – MVC revisited with Diazo
Jan-Jaap Driessen – Fan/theme
Gijs Molenaar – LOFAR <3 Python
Alessandro Molina – High Performance Web Applications with Python and TurboGears
Dmitrijs Milajevs – Real Time discussion retrieval from Twitter
Kenneth Reitz – Python for humans


Michael Bayer – SQLAlchemy (keynote)
Bram Noordzij – Amazon Web Services. The good, bad & ugly
Alexandros Kanterakis – PyPedia
Oleg Pidsadnyi – Large number of markers on Google Maps
Emil Loer – Musical Python
Douwe van der Meij – AOP in Python API design
Remco Wendt – Profiling
Miguel Araujo – Django Uni-forms
Henk Doornbos & Berco Beute – Chronic Pythonic

Ivor Bosloper – GeoDjango
Oscar Vilaplana – Tornado in depth
Laurence de Jong – Continuous integration
Alexander Solovyov – Go: Python + /theme typing?
Niels Hageman – Distributed job scheduling
Armin Ronacher – A fresh look at HTTP from Python
Reinout van Rees – Optimize & automate your Python life
Dan Tofan & Spyros Ioakeimidis – Python tools for making architectural decisions
Rick Oost – Generalized traversals


Armin Ronacher – The state of Python and the web (keynote)
Henk Doorbos – Making large, untested code bases testable
Reinout van Rees – Practical project automation
Jobert Abma – The ten commandments of Security
Berco Beute – Growing up Pythonically
Alexander Solovyov – hg and complex development processes
Òscar Vilaplana – ØMQ

Pieter Noordhuis – Redis in practice
Duco Dokter – NLTK: natural language processing with Python
Gideon de Kok & Tom de Vries – Mobile Architectures
Kim Chee Leong – Buildout
Emil Loer – Embeddng Python interpreter in Ruby and vice versa
Rix Groenboom – MijnOverheid: performance testing in practice


Ivan Sagalaev (keynote)
Ivan Metzlar
Erik Huisman & Aldert Greydanus
Michiel Prins & Jobert Abma
Tom de Vries & Gideon de Kok
Oscar Vilaplana

Oleg Pidsadnyi
Merijn Terheggen – Minimal Viable Products
Henk Doornbos – Python and hardware programming
Berco Beute – A Python’s Life?
Bart jan Wesselink – Advanced Payment Routing
Tim Bakker – Green Parking

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