Bridging the Python and Rust gap, asynchronously

May 26, 2023 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am

Speaker: Emil Loer

In this talk we will be exploring Rust extensions, with a special focus on asynchronous programming. Among the topics covered are the differences between Python and Rust asynchronous programming, when to use one over the other (or neither!), and how to get started with writing your own extension.

After that, we will dive into the meat of today’s menu: how to use asynchronous Rust inside an asyncio-based Python application. And why would you even want to do such a crazy thing? The answer, of course, is dialing your application’s performance up to 11. Jokes aside, we will also briefly talk about a real-world use case, so you’ll have some leverage when you are going to convince your employer to let you learn some Rust.”

About Emil Loer

Emil Loer is an active figure in both the Python and Rust communities. During the day he is the lead architect of Hi Auto, market leader in conversational AI for restaurant drive-thrus, where he designs large scale distributed systems using state of the art speech recognition and NLP technologies. At night he hacks boldly where no developer has gone before, and creates new music composition tools and technologies for retrocomputing platforms, such as the MSX. Vim and a good cup of coffee are the secrets to his success. “Your Python may be getting rusty, and that’s a good thing! You may not even know it, but some of the Python packages you use on a daily basis are powered by Rust extensions. There may even be a time when you’ll want to create them yourself.