Developer happiness

May 26, 2023 from 11:00 am to 11:30 am

Speaker: Peter Uittenbroek

Over time you accumulate a lot of tools, tricks, experiences and best practices. You learn new tricks or tools and add them to your ‘pool of knowledge’ or tool belt. Then you switch companies and you suddenly realize that what you took for granted, isn’t as widely shared/known as you thought. “We should have had this so much earlier” is something I heard quite often the past months. In my talk I will share some of the tools, tricks, business culture aspects and best practices that I learned over the past 13 years, to improve the quality of life of developer and thus increase developer happiness.

About Peter Uittenbroek

Peter Uittenbroek, 36 years old, married, 2 kids, Python developer for over 13 years. Worked with various frameworks such as Plone, Zope, Django, Flask, FastAPI. Currently at my third employer, started in a small company, then at a medium sized one and now at a small fast growing start-up. Over the years I worked on projects by myself with a lot of client contact but also on bigger project with a team of other developers, designers and so on. I never shied away from challenges and am a true all rounder, from setting up new projects from scratch, discussing with architects, to figuring out how to improve our helm charts to deploy application to kubernetes. Then introduce prometheus to get even more information out of the systems. Over the years I grew into senior positions and (tried to) (help) steer the company or team in the direction I felt was for the best for the company and or team.