FastAPI with Django

May 26, 2023 from 10:15 am to 10:45 am

Speaker: Ivor Bosloper

Django is a productive web framework with “batteries included” but it lacks a default native way to create REST APIs. Over the last 10 years, different frameworks and methods have come up to facilitate the development of REST APIs in Django. TastyPie and Django Rest Framework are mature frameworks, but a more recent library is FastAPI. Even though FastAPI is not specifically created for Django and requires some tweaks to make it work, it’s a productive and high-performing combination that fits the Django way of development. FastAPI has become the default way of creating services, and we’ve applied it to several components. This talk will tell you why the concepts in FastAPI help you to create better APIs and how to make it work.

About Ivor Bosloper

I’ve been programming for over 12 years on Django Applications. Currently, we’re restructuring / redeveloping our platform in a more (medium) service-oriented architecture. Looking at our existing code bases, I can see how using self-invented / TastyPie / DRF methods for creating RestAPIs lead to mediocre APIs compared to FastAPI. I’d love to give a talk on PyGrunn.